Outdoor and Snow Sports Research and Data Services


Kelly Davis spent more than 10 years directing snow sports research for SIA and she knows the data better than anyone in the market. She's been quoted in Forbes, The Economist, NY Times, LA Times, Ski, Skiing, Powder, Freeskier, Snowboarder, Outside and many more for her expertise in snow sports research. Now she's a gun for hire and you can take advantage of all of that knowledge she carries in her head.  

Snow Sports and Outdoor Data Analysis

Nobody has more knowledge of snow sports and outdoor data sources, comprehension of methods, or experiences with analyses. She knows where to find the best data, analyze it, and turn it into actionable insights about the market, consumers, and opportunities. Don't waste time learning complicated new user interfaces to get your retail data, Kelly knows how to pull that data just the way you want to see it. In fact, let Kelly get all the best data and triangulate it on a custom basis for your brand including retail , wholesale, participation, rental, and social media analytics. All in less time than it will take you to learn how to get the data out of an overly-complex data portal.

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Survey Research

Kelly is an expert in survey development, deployment, execution and analysis. Kelly has the tools and knowledge to build the right questions, target the right audience, deploy surveys, and analyze the results to produce actionable intelligence. At Davis+ Kaplan Insights, we know how to use surveys to help you better understand and engage your customers, potential customers, employees, strategic partners or any audience that you would like to question. With Kelly at the helm, we have the knowledge and experience to conduct surveys quickly, the tools to execute  - so you don't have to invest in costly survey tools - and we can provide actionable information immediately. 

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Social Media Analytics

It's all about how your brand is engaging your targets on social media platforms. Have you thought about deploying an influencer marketing strategy? At Davis + Kaplan Insights, we are exploring what happens when brands tap into the audiences of social media stars in specific categories. Influencers like Alex Hannold, Travis Rice, Jamie Anderson, Lindey Vonn and Gretchen Bleiler. Kelly can tell you why you should be thinking about this marketing strategy and show you who is truly influencing the market in various categories, on various platforms, and even in specific locations. We will start by showing you the data, then show you how to deploy this strategy, and finally help you measure return on investment.

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Custom Research Packages

Not sure what data and research methods would best fit your needs? Kelly will work with you to build a custom research package that is most effective for you and your brand. From customer journey and satisfaction data, retail and wholesale sales data, participation data, social media analytics and weather data,  Kelly will work with you to build a package that fits your needs perfectly. 

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Numbers for Media , Entrepreneurs, Retailers , Resorts and Suppliers

If you need a few numbers about the snow sports or outdoor markets quickly like participant numbers, top line market numbers, or a few quick stats on what's trending we are happy to provide that information. We know the numbers and we know the best data sources so why waste time trying to dig it up yourself? In most cases, we can get it to you within 24 hours. 

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