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The 2018 Trends and Insights Report


This is your opportunity to learn about some key trends early and be proactive while others who know less find themselves in an unenviable reactive position. You can be the brand that understands and can use knowledge about these trends to your advantage while the less informed flounder. 

The report covers eight key trends including:

1. Sustainability – from consumer demand to manufacturing processes 

2. AI (Artificial Intelligence) will change the world, and it’s happening already in snow sports

3. Proliferation of fashion brands in outerwear, the Puffer coat case study

4. #MeToo, why women are fed up with the terrifying status quo and how it will impact everything from human resources to marketing efforts

5. Outdoor and snow sports brands are finding success in the home goods market, here’s why

6. Miracle March 2017, the impact of a weak winter and the saving grace of late, but healthy snow

7. The Season Pass Battle, how the new paradigm might change everything about participation

8. The surprising impact of Fortnite, what we can learn from this wildly successful marketing campaign

The Spring/Summer Trends Report is available for $2,000, delivery is immediate. You can call and discuss the report with the people who actually did the research and produced the report. It’s the equivalent of hiring trend and market research experts for about one fifth the price of bringing in a hack that knows nothing about our market for a few hours of question and answer.

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The Global Snowboard Participation Report

For more than ten years, as SIA's Research Director, I searched for a report that covered global snowboarding participation trends, but never found it. so I built the report from scratch using a wide variety of data from every market from Canada, to South America, Europe , Asia, and Australia. This is a comprehensive report that quantifies participation, and uncovers trends in mature markets, and in emerging markets including China.  Don't miss this unique, comprehensive view of the whole snowboard market.

The Global Snowboarding Particpation Report is available for $2,000, delivery is immediate. After ordering the report, you can call Kelly [the author] that developed the report, get data used to build the global numbers, and discuss key trends in a wide variety of snowboard markets.

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